Tree hotel with unique forest suites - Trakt Forest Hotel


Step into your forest suite with open views of the nature

Forest Hotel

With an open view of the untouched forest, you come to Trakt. Step into your forest suite with open views of the forest. Fall asleep under the stars. Here you are protected from the noise of the outside world in greenery and snow, always in the conditions of nature where the experience is controlled by the season. The forest suites are the shells that put nature in focus all the time. Our forest suites are designed by the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh.

You will find our cozy hotel cottages on the farm, and there you will get a Astrid Lindgrenesk feeling. Now they are ready for guests again after renovations and updates.

Forest Suites Hotel Cottages

Our Packages

Discover our forest based and exclusive hotel packages. Experience the best of what we have to offer, with the convenience of having everything planned and ready for you. Our packages always include an overnight stay in our architect-designed forest suites and our popular three-course dinner in Traktköket and breakfast. The packages include everything from beverage tasting, kayaks and chocolate pralines.

Book a hotel package today and create memories for a lifetime.

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At Trakt Forest Hotel, a unique conference experience is offered, where the silence of the forest and the surrounding nature’s beauty become part of the stay.
Here, you will find a place where tranquility, architecture, and environment invite reflection and a deeper creativity. Your meetings will be more than just words on paper – they become an experience that uplifts and enriches your team, tailored to your needs and desires.

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Restaurant Traktköktet

The restaurant Traktköket is located in our log house, here we are proud to work with locally produced ingredients. They are carefully selected to provide an authentic taste experience. We offer a journey through the seasons that characterize our Småland landscape, where the menu celebrates the best from the region. The food is prepared with respect for traditions, where each dish is a tribute to the farm and the forest around us.

With alcohol rights, we offer beverages from organic vineyards and local beverage suppliers. This is to further enhance the experience where food, drink, environment, and hospitality come together to create memories.



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