A unique stay in the heart of the forest

With an open view of untouched forest, you come to Trakt. Step into your room with open views of the forest. Fall asleep under the stars. Here you are protected from the noise of the outside world in greenery and snow, always on the conditions of nature where the experience is controlled by the season. The houses are the shells that put nature in focus all the time. The forest invites you to a tranquility that makes you forget the stress of the city.

Scandinavian design combined with luxury comfort

The houses make a minimal impression between the trees, with narrow paths leading to your accommodation. The Swedish architect Gert Wingård, who has designed the houses, calls them “floating rooms”. Designed in natural materials, the rooms open seamlessly into woodland and sky. Scandinavian simplicity is combined with luxury comforts in the heart of the forest. But above all, it is the landscape, the views, and the silence that matter. Book your experience at Trakt from fall 2021.

Experience Småland with all of your senses

Trakt aim to offer guests a unique experience that smells, tastes, and feels of Småland. Founders Sandra and Mattias Sälleteg have created Trakt on land that has been family-owned for generations. They aims to make the most of everything nature has to offer without forgetting the rich traditions and history of the region. Come to Trakt and experience the beauty of Småland with all your senses. 

Forest café

Welcome to visit us in the summer of 2021 when we open part of the Trakt Forest Hotel. In Timmerhuset and in the garden, we offer coffee and lunch related to the forest and local ingredients. The menu includes our funnel plate, lumberjack sandwich and blueberry cake.

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