Conference at Trakt

With the forest and the meadows as your closets neighbour

Welcome to a conference at Trakt Forest Hotel, with the forest and meadows as your closest neighbour. Here you will find silence, tranquility, and beautiful nature that inspires creative meetings. We offer the morning coffee outdoors by the fire, and if you wish we pack the afternoon coffee in a backpack so you can enjoy the coffee on a forest walk.

Our food menu is inspired by the forest and the farm. The meat we use mainly comes from the farm’s Hereford heifers or the forest’s wildlife. As far as possible, we use local ingredients, according to what the season offers.

We offer full-day conferences, half-day conferences, or conferences with an overnight stay. We are happy to help you create a conference package based on your unique needs. To find out more or to make a conference request, contact Karolina:

070-000 93 77

Day conference Conference package

At Trakt Forest Hotel we have several conference options to choose from. We are happy to encourage our guests to be outdoors, either as part of the conference or for the entire conference. Nature inspires creativity and makes your conference different, and memorable.

The conference room in forest

Our conference room is in the forest. Experience a different conference by having your meeting outdoors. Either as a part of or for the entire meeting.

Conference in a forest suite

For the small group, who want an exclusive meeting environment, in an undisturbed location.

The big conference room

Upstairs in the Log house, we have two conference rooms. The large conference room can accommodate between 45-60 people depending on the furniture setup.

The small conference room

Our small conference room is located upstairs in the Log House and can accommodate 12-18 people, depending on the interior setup.

Stinas cottage

On the family farm, there is a small meeting room in Stina’s cottage. Suitable for the small group, who want to be in a cozy environment, with a fireplace and a genuine Swedish setting.

The group room

In the Log house, there is our small group room that can accommodate 4-5 people.