Experience the area

Experience the area and the seasons by booking our activities. You can do some of the activities on your own, others are with a guide. Please send your booking request to booking@traktforesthotel.com at least one week before arrival.

Nature by foot

We want to offer our guests at Trakt Forest Hotel an outdoor experience. We have made some hiking trails in the surrounding forests, with different lengths and difficulties – both shorter and longer routes. Our paths will take you to beautiful places. Take a evening walk in the sunset after dinner or after breakfast in the morning.

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Relax in the sauna

Enjoy the heat and the tranquility of our hand-logged wood-fired sauna. The sauna is located by the little lake on the farmland, about 1 km from the forest suites. This is a unique sauna experience, with the possibility to cool off in the lake. Experience the quietness, listen to the firewood burning and the distant waterfall in the nearby creek.

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The tranquility of Lake Vrången

Come to lake Vrången and enjoy the tranquility while taking a slow row across the water. By the beach, there is a place for barbeque, where you can enjoy your “fikapackage”. Lake Vrången is 7 minutes away by car, and we have 2 different boat packages to choose from.

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Drink tastings with local flavors

Try our drink tastings with local, selected non-alcoholic beverages. The drinks are inspired by the forest and the surrounding landscape. We have two alternatives to choose from; Drink tastings on your own or with an experienced guide.

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A hot bath in the forest

Enjoy a wonderful hot bath experience in the middle of the forest, all to yourself. Experience the silence and tranquility of the forest while looking up at the stars and treetops. Relax, watch the stars and the tree tops, and listen to sounds of the nature.

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