Forest suites

Trakt Forest Hotel has five unique forest suites, built with minimal impact on the surroundings. You live amongst the trees, elevated from the ground. From the forest suites, you might see animals roaming around, and hear the sounds of nature. The forest suite is your sanctuary, the silence is your neighbor. Welcome to Trakt Forest Hotel.



Betula is the Latin word for birch, and also the name of the first forest suite on the right side of the hill. The big panorama window of the suite faces north, with a view of the deep forest of Sällehägnad.

You will see the evening sun between the trees from the bedroom window. Relax and enjoy, accompanied by locally designed wood furniture, light a fire in the fireplace and settle down on the sofa. The sofa also holds two extra beds.

Look up at the sky from king size bed in the bedroom; an amazing painting of treetops and stars.

For your convenience, the Betula forest suite has a bathroom, with a yellow color, inspired by the chantarelle. Welcome!

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Sorbus is Latin for the tree rowan, and the name of the first forest suite when you enter the Trakt Forest Hotel area. Sorbus is the suite with the highest location, almost reaching for the treetops.

From the panorama window, you will have a view through the forest and all the way to fields on the other side. You will see the sunrise from the bathroom window – imagine brushing your teeth in this illumination.

The forest suite has two rooms, one with the panoramic view, a fireplace, locally designed and produced furniture, and a comfortable sofa, also a sofa bed when needed, one with beds and a skylight.

Bathroom with shower and toilet, in a lingon berry-red color. Welcome to Sorbus!

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Tilia, or linden, is the name of the second forest suite on the right side of the hill. The big panorama window to the north presents a peaceful view of the deep forest.

The bedroom window on the gable lets the evening sun in, and while in bed you will have a sky/treetop view through the skylight. Clear nights this is the best spot for watching the stars!

Locally produced furniture, a fireplace, and a sofa (with two extra beds if needed), this is the room for thoughts and reflection. Ambiance: the forest, wind, and a gentle fire cracking sound.

Bathroom with shower and toilet, in an autumn orange colorway. This is Tilia!

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Forest suite Salix is located on the left side of the hill. Salex is latin for willow. From the panorama window in Salix your view is the forest, and on the other side you can see the fields.

Light a fire, settle down in the sofa or the locally designed and produced armchair, and listen to the sounds of nature. There is no play or pause outside the panorama window, just enjoy the play. The kingsize bed also has a magnificent view; stars and tree tops from the skylight.

A bathroom with shower and toilet is available in the suite, colored in blueberry blue. This is also where you will see the sun rise. Enjoy Salix!

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Ulmus, elm in latin, is the last forest suite on the left side of the hill. With a panoramic view over the forest, this is a truly peaceful location. Calm down and relax and light a fire. The furniture is locally designed and produced, and the sofa holds two extra beds if needed.

The skylight in the bedroom is the best place for stargazing. At night, the stars and the moon are the only light outside.

The first rays of the sun will enter through the bathroom window, a bathroom with shower and toilet.

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