About Trakt Forest Hotel

A completely unique place

“By elevating the buildings, the suites get closer to the treetops and leave the ground untouched. It gives a feeling of being in between. Present,’ the architects explain” in Wallpaper.

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Here at Trakt Forest Hotel, we want you as a guest to have a unique experience of the forest, the silence and the peace. The Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh has designed the forest suites, which he calls floating rooms. The forest suites are built in natural materials and provide a limitless experience where nature is constantly present. Scandinavian simplicity is combined with luxurious comfort in the heart of the forest. Trakt Forest Hotel is located on a family-owned farm where we want you, as a guest, feel welcome at our place.


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A sustainable experience

To be able to offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable experience in Swedish nature, the work with Trakt Forest Hotel is based on carefully selected materials, to minimize the footprint. Locally grown and produced food, the use of wood damaged by fire, and isolation with wood wool. The forest suites are placed on pillars to have a minimal impact on the surrounding nature.


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From Sällegården to Trakt

For many years Sandra and Mattias Sälleteg have had a dream of developing Sällegården, the place where Mattias grew up. After extensive research and thinking, they decided to create something that would take the family farm to another level, by building Trakt Forest Hotel.

With many years of experience in the forest industry, tourism, construction, creation, and rehabilitation the work with the hotel started in 2017. The ambition since the start has been to use the resources within the neighbouring areas to create new experiences in nature and to develop the local tourism business.

The couple behind Trakt Forest Hotel

Sandra and Mattias Sälleteg live on the Sällehägnad farm, with their three children. They are the fourth and fifth generation, maintaining and developing the family heritage. On the farm there are several houses, rented with holiday guests for over 10 years, creating a deep understanding of hospitality; this was a part of forming the ideas for Trakt Forest Hotel. Sandra and Mattias have many years of experience in nature and farming and hope that more people will see and explore the Swedish forests.


Europeiska jordbruksfonden för landsbygdsutveckling har varit med och bidragit till att förverkliga Trakt Forest Hotel