Design and materials

Staying at Trakt Forest Hotel means that you live in the heart of the Småland forest. It is also reflected in the architecture and the choice of materials. The intimate interior creates a pleasant calm with its natural simplicity. Living elevated off the ground gives a luxurious and unique feeling.

The architect behind Trakt

The architecture firm Wingårdhs, led by architect Gert Wingårdh, took on the Trakt Forest Hotel with great enthusiasm and has created the five forest suites where nature plays the main role. Wingårdh himself calls them “floating rooms” where the experience balances between calm and lively.

At Wingårdhs we always try to take advantage of the location and we have done that at Trakt as well. It’s amazing to come to a place like this where you feel peace and harmony. Each suite gives a luxurious feel, thanks in large part to the height, while simplicity is present throughout. But above all, it is the silence that leaves its mark on Trakt,” says Gert Wingårdh.