The Trakt Kitchen

With great inspiration from the forest, we make food from local produce, including our own Hereford meat. In the Trakt Kitchen there is a nostalgic touch, many of the recipes used are from older generations at the farm. We let our cooking take time, leaven our own sourdough, smoke our meat, boil the jam and takting care of what is available in our area. Welcome to Trakt Forest Hotel taste experience.

Locally and sustainable

In the Trakt Kitchen, we like to use local produce as much as possible. We value a sustainable approach to food. The Swedish word “Trakt” is a small area, and we like to favor the raw ingredients from our area. Our beef is from our own Hereford cows grazing in the fields surrounding Trakt Forest Hotel. The eggs are from the neighboring farm, and some of the vegetables, fruit, and berries are from our own garden, others from the area. We bake all our bread ourselves, with sourdough. To get the best and richest flavors, we let our cooking take time.

We would like to welcome you to our beautiful place. Take a deep breath and relax. At the Trakt Kitchen, there is no hurry.

The Trakt Kitchen for our hotel guests

When you arrive as a guest at Trakt Forest Hotel, you can book our Lunch Package on your arrival day. We like you to settle down, experience the surrounding,s and maybe. The Lunch Package is served between 12.00 and 13.00 and is perfect for a backpack if you like to go on a pick-nick. The lunch is also served in the Log House. Coffee and tea are available all day. Check-in time is 15.00 and you will get access to your booked forest suite. At 18.00 a three-course dinner is served, based on local produce and ingredients. The dinner is booked as an add-on when you book your stay at Trakt Forest Hotel.

The Lunch Package Price is 155 SEK per person, and our three-course dinner from 645 SEK per person.

After a good night’s sleep, we will deliver our breakfast basket to your forest suite. Enjoy your breakfast with the fantastic view or in front of a sparkling fire in the woodstove. Later you can opt-in for the Lunch Package and stay after check-out, which is 11.00. After check-out, you will still have access to the Log House and our beautiful surroundings for Trakt Forest Hotel.