The Trakt kitchen

With the forest as a great source of inspiration, we prepare food from local ingredients, including Hereford meat from the farm. In Traktköket we are also nostalgic, as several recipes are from previous generations. We let the food take time and ferment our own sourdough bread, smoke our meat, cook our jam, and take advantage of what is in our surroundings. For us, it is important that food and what is in the glass give you as a guest a good experience. It can be forest soda from Kvarnagården’s brewery or red wine from Umbria. Welcome to experience the flavors from our area.

The Trakt kitchen

Come to us and enjoy our food and environment, see current dates under Offers. These evenings we offer our three-course menu or a hearty soup with good accompaniments. If you want something lighter, there is also a tray with local delicacies. In addition, you can get something good to drink.

We have evenings named after the seasons, such as Autumn evenings and Winter evenings. We offer weekend buffets and Friday lunch. If you are a group of at least 15 people or more, you can make a booking request on another date. Usually, we are not open Sundays.

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The meals for our hotel guests

In the Log house, we serve our three-course menu at 18:00, prepared from local ingredients. You book the three-course menu as an option at the time of your booking. The price for a three-course dinner is SEK 695 per person. There is the option to buy a cheese tray and drinks to bring to your forest suite if you like.

In the morning we deliver the breakfast basket to your forest suite, prepared from local ingredients and food. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in front of the forest view or maybe in front of the fire.

For those who stay several nights, it is possible to buy a packed lunch.

Local ingredients

In the Trakt kitchen, we work with local ingredients, as much as possible. We want to support sustainability and act locally. Our beef comes mainly from our own, fine Hereford heifers that graze in the meadows around the area. We pick up our game meat from our friend Lollen in Sörmland. The eggs come from Småland farms.

Some of the vegetables, fruits, and berries come from our own farms, and others from the area. We bake our bread ourselves, some with sourdough and long fermentation. To get the best taste, we let the cooking take time.