Conference activities

We offer a number of suitable activities for your conference. Activities as part of your conference or as a group-strengthening activity. Price is provided when requesting a quote.

Collaborative exercises

We offer a trail in the forest with tasks along the way. You are divided into smaller groups and get to walk a trail where it is important to collaborate to solve tasks together. The different assignments are inspired by the forest.

Discussion walk

For you to get help with some of your most important questions, we offer our discussion walk in the forest. We set up questions along the path, questions you want the group to discuss. The questions are prepared in cooperation with you. You will receive instructions on how to do this hike.

Tour to the forest suites

You have the opportunity to book our tour of the forest suites. You will get a  guided tour, with the story about Trakt, the design by Gert Wingårdh, and the idea of the concept. You will also visit one of the forest suites and experience the environment from the inside. The Forest suite tour takes about 30-40 minutes and can be done, for example, on the meeting lunch break.

Make coffee over open fire

Learn how to make a fire and make coffee over the fire with a guide. Depending on how many you are, you will be divided into groups so that you can collaborate on lighting the fire and making the coffee.

Outdoor cocking

Together with a guide, you light the fire and cook a delicious meal, based on local ingredients, outdoors.

Hot tub in forest

Our hot tub is located in the middle of the forest, with the trees as your closest neighbors. Here you can enjoy the silence of the forest. Can be booked for a small group.

Woodfired sauna

The sauna is located by a pond, about a 600 m walk from the Log house. From the small jetty, you can cool down in the water. Can be booked for a small group.

Cold bath in lake Vrången

Try a unique experience: a cold bath with a guide. We have a jetty designed for cold baths in lake Vrången.


Experience Europe’s longest Zipline in beautiful forest nature. Choose from different ziplines and difficulty levels.

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Kleva Gruva

Discover one of Småland’s most exciting mines, where copper and nickel have been mined. You can also try to dig for gold. The Kleva mine is only 5 km from Trakt Forest Hotel.

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