Solidify your executive team

Over two days, Caroline will guide your work through various guided exercises, deepening your self-awareness, understanding of your motivations, visions, and your WHY. You’ll gain increased understanding of each other and the opportunity to ‘go deeper’ and ‘go higher’.

You’ll be assisted in opening up and taking the time to systematically explore areas that create a common, secure, and stable foundation to continue building your group and business upon. It will become clear what is truly important to you and what decisions you need to make and act upon based on that.

In Trakt’s genuine environment, you’ll slow down, and under Caroline’s gentle guidance, conversations will shift and reveal new perspectives. You’ll become closer and more aware of yourselves – and we know that leaders who have done their inner work find it easier to connect with their employees, be attentive, and understand the important foundation of the business.

Caroline will design the content specifically for you, so that together you can enjoy a memorable stay with far-reaching effects.

Get in touch with Frida, and she will assist in booking your experience. +46383-56 62 80